Theory of Knowledge is the second semester of junior year and first semester of senior year. Here’s a pre- and post-TOK review from junior Krish Bhalla and senior Kian Nolan.   Describe your TOK experience. Krish: It’s so rule-oriented: you need to follow the rules exactly to get a goodContinue Reading

For months, an unfilled coaching position was the only thing keeping players from forming the girls varsity tennis team. Chandra Soucek accepted girls varsity tennis head coach position after former coach Arlene Fitz-Patrick’s resignation. Team members who met her at tryouts hope her extensive coaching experience will help them improveContinue Reading

Virgil Dongre: Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy was elected to the position on Jan. 7, 2023. To get there, he had to make “lots of concessions” to far-right members of the party which “worked relentlessly to weaken the power he’ll have as speaker,” according to NPR. This seems likeContinue Reading