“How do two poets greet each other?”
According to Brian Hernandez, they say, “Hey haven’t we metaphor?”
If you have ever visited Brian Hernandez’s Twitter or Facebook profile they are littered with similar puns that one can’t help but chuckle over. Hernandez is a current junior and an IB diploma candidate and is known for his carefully worded puns that receive a multitude of likes, favorites and re-tweets and have even given him the unofficial title of “class clown.”
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“I want to deconstruct the Dewey Decimal System in the library,” librarian Alanna Graboyes stated. From someone else it would seem like a laughable notion, but from Graboyes the statement rang with conviction and a sense of possibility.

Installing a new organizational system for the books to encourage a more advanced “web thinking” method is just one of the changes Graboyes has planned for the new library.

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Directing instructions to the driver of the tractor trailer pulling cement and bricks near the back entrance of the school, Dilip Sheth navigated through the rubble and demolition with an air of familiarity.

Sheth, whose job is to oversee the construction and assure FCPS that the process is going within the allotted time and budget, said that this familiarity was hard-earned.

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The dimming lights and the consequent hush that fell over the auditorium at sharply 6:45 p.m. last Wednesday signaled the start of Marshall’s annual International Night.

International Night is an event that celebrates the cultural diversity at Marshall. With over 20 countries and their cultures showcased, the night offered food, information boards and a variety of cultural performances.

The size and scope of the event mandated the collaboration of teachers, students, clubs and parent volunteers to achieve its large-scale goals of uniting the diverse cultures at Marshall.

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