Measles, mumps, chickenpox, Hepatitis, HPV: these are all viruses and diseases FCPS students are required to be immunized against. We should add to this list COVID-19. Last month, Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest school district in the nation, became one of the first school divisions to announceContinue Reading

There is no better feeling in the world than waking up to a Ryan McElveen alert that school has been canceled due to snow. But be careful – your snow days are under assault. The advent of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic has brought rise to a new movementContinue Reading

The ability to work from home for months on end may sound like a blessing to many, but Biology teacher Michael Osborn’s two children occasionally force him to travel to school in the middle of a pandemic to escape the noise. “I have to balance teaching my class, then checkingContinue Reading

As the days, weeks and months of quarantine get longer day by day, so does the hair on sophomore Andrew Perez’s head. Students have started taking risks and cutting their own hair after barbershops shut down due to health regulations presented by COVID-19. Perez said his hair has been annoyingContinue Reading

When I was in elementary school, every time I would travel on Leesburg Pike, construction crews working on the roof of Marshall High School always caught my eye. Particularly, large and distinct improvements and expansionsto the library fascinated me. The library renovation was one aspect, and the most noticeable one,Continue Reading

by matt savage & amelia gee Octagon Club’s ShareTable goal is to make use of extra resources and donate food. Volunteers carry bins around to collect extra food from each table during all lunch periods. ShareTable coordinator and junior Sarina Bell said the purpose of the ShareTable is to reduceContinue Reading

The complaints with student-issued laptops seem endless, yet senior and technology assistant Tristan Hintz said the technology assistants rarely receive visitors with malfunctioning computers during lunch. Hintz applied as a technology assistant due to an elective in his schedule to fill and because of the position’s positive appearance on collegeContinue Reading

Students are never really alone in the hallways. Whether they are walking to get a drink of water or skipping class, security always has a set of eyes watching. “We have security cameras deployed in the hallways so during Learn sweeps or tardy sweeps, if kids are just out andContinue Reading