The Mosaic District has the feel of a small tourist town, but in Northern Virginia. It’s the kind of place you find when you go to the beach: open, small, with one main attraction. In this case, everything is centered around an indoor and outdoor theater. Stores and resturants areContinue Reading

Seven teachers had “pies” shoved in their faces in the Senior Courtyard. This was part of the Key Club’s fundraiser in mid-October to raise money for future projects like making friendship bracelet kits for children in hospitals and working with Food for Others. “We could have such a positive change on the communityContinue Reading

Funny, kind, protective and strong-willed are characteristics that describe the re-imagined protagonist of Maleficent. The movie focuses on Maleficent, the notorious villain of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, played by Angelina Jolie. The previously untold story of Maleficent reveals a more complex character than the original 1959 fairy tale antagonist, and givesContinue Reading

Among young scientists, the Science Fair allows hundreds of students to present experimental findings. Taking place Feb. 8 and consisting of 285 projects (and a grand total of 422 student participants), the Fair had two grand prize winners: seniors Aaron Aguhob and Supraja Chittari won grand prizes in physical sciencesContinue Reading

If you’ve ever wandered around Fairfax Shopping Center, you may have noticed Cameron’s Chocolates, marked by its bright pink sign and trademark heart logo. Interestingly enough, the store was co-founded by a Marshall alumni. Besides offering goodies like frozen yogurt, an array of beverages and, of course, chocolates, the storeContinue Reading

With Disney princesses breaking archetypes in their recent adaptations, they are shedding their damsel-in-distress image for independent and complex characters. In forgetting the traditional values of classic Disney princesses, is Disney making progress or is it getting carried away?  Movies Frozen, Brave, and The Princess and the Frog all have oneContinue Reading

Whether you’re just a casual moviegoer or a fan of the book, the second film installment of Tolkien’s The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was major a disappointment. The biggest problem is that director Peter Jackson drags out the story by creating unnecessary conflict and adding more to the plot of theContinue Reading