Attendees arrived at the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium in Washington, D.C. on the night of June 4 for a prom that, although maintaining tradition in certain aspects, featured unique additions to separate it from those of years past. While the junior class board of the Student Government Association placed anContinue Reading

The Activities Office has announced Dominic Borello as the new head coach of varsity cheer. Borello, the team’s first-ever male coach, comes with decades of experience in cheer as an athlete, coach and judge. “Having been a student athlete for the majority of my youth, I can really appreciate whatContinue Reading

Few teenagers can claim to have been able to reach thousands of people worldwide through their passions, but senior Andrew Ruhnke is about to do just that with the launch of his new board game “Falling Sky.” The game aims to be a historical simulation of Julius Caesar’s conquest ofContinue Reading

The senior class came out victorious at the Powderpuff volleyball game, as upperclassmen went head to head during spirit week. The class of 2018 planned the game and allowed for juniors and seniors with varying degrees of volleyball experience to face off while being coached by current varsity volleyball players.Continue Reading

As most juniors prepare to take their first SATs, junior Nabil Milani has already finished his college admissions process with a scholarship to the University of North Carolina Asheville. Yet while Milani’s talent on the field is largely responsible for his offer to play Division I, soccer is more thanContinue Reading

Every once in awhile, unique clubs pop up creating an environment for people to pursue interests they never even knew they had. The potential Yo-Yo Club might just become the next prime example. Although he only began yo-yoing three months ago, club founder and sophomore Alexander Swift has quickly developedContinue Reading