From gender neutral bathrooms to respecting pronouns and everything in between, the GSA is fighting for equal rights. The Gender Sexuality Alliance held two meetings over the last two months with Principal Litz to resolve certain issues, including changing the locks of gender-neutral bathrooms for students. There are two suchContinue Reading

With athletes breaking both school and personal records, the boys winter track season was a success. The broken records include the 4x200m team with Alexander Oliver, Christos Proctor, Gavin Sandall and Krish Bhalla. Other records were set by Sean Sanders in the 1000m and Proctor in the 55m. Track coachContinue Reading

Students share favorite and least favorite classes Freshman Rylie Morris – Best: Ceramics because I’m with my friends, and I get to make cool things. Worst: Spanish because it’s really hard. _________________________________________________________________________________ Sophomore Arjun Bhide Best: Criminal Justice because I learn about police work and crime scene investigation. Worst: GovernmentContinue Reading

In order to create a better environment for students, Fairfax County Public Schools conducts strategic plan surveys every few years to determine their goals. This year, in conjunction with the survey, Principal Jeff Litz set up meetings with students to hear about their experiences at school. Some of the meetingsContinue Reading