Tough physical conditioning, discipline training and working to build character. This weekend junior Ethan Um will continue to delve into service academy life through a challenging leadership course. Um’s Unit of the Air Force division Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is holding a Cadet Leadership Course from May 26 toContinue Reading

*edited for length and clarity. Gender neutral bathrooms auto-locking, other issues concern club president. Staff writer Reyna Berry: In our last issue, there was a story about a meeting between the Gender Sexuality Alliance and Principal Litz. As one of the sources, you reached out about sharing some more thoughts.Continue Reading

Social studies teacher and self-proclaimed movie-lover Olivia Tate has her own predictions for the illustrious Academy Awards—and she’s encouraging her students to share theirs. Government and IB Anthropology students in Tate’s classes are likely familiar with her “What’s Making Me Happy This Week” slideshows. She said there’s often at leastContinue Reading

This writer doesn’t think so. But a new bill may allow some Virginia public schools to designate references to homosexuality in instructional materials as “sexually explicit content.” Senate Bill 656 was signed into Virginia law by Governor Youngkin on April 6, 2022, requiring Virginia public school boards to create policiesContinue Reading

What would Juliet’s life have been like if she didn’t die for Romeo?  Broadway’s new performance of the 2019 hit & Juliet aims to answer this question with iconic pop songs and fun new twists on the classic story. The musical also features multiple queer characters—none of whom are demonizedContinue Reading

The annual blood drive on Friday, December 2 aimed to make donation simple and accessible for students and faculty. Phlebotomists and medical staff from Inova drew blood from participants. Student volunteers like senior Rubi Neupane also helped organize the event through Leadership classes.  “I wanted to volunteer because I wasContinue Reading

This year Marshall welcomes four new counselors to Student Services. Get to know them a little better below! Armin Mustedanagic (Alphabet Range: A-BN) Mustedanagic has been a counselor for three years. He first worked at a Florida high school, and spent last year with South County High School in FCPS.Continue Reading

It was time: graduation. The 27 chords strung across my neck were swaying artfully and my smile was as bright as a midday sun. I knew this was the day I had waited for since I was two months old, crying out to my mama, “what’s dat famed paypa onContinue Reading