As social distancing issues have resurfaced, the amount of outdoor seating open during lunch has waned. The rise in outdoor eating and frustration over underclassmen in the Senior Courtyard have raised questions of whether to open up other outdoor spaces. “We want to give individuals enough space to properly distanceContinue Reading

Stroll through F Hall, down the stairs near the gym, take a sharp right into the Marshall Academy, and head to room 503. This secluded, professional area is where junior Ellen Shpetishvili and other Criminal Justice 2 students have class every morning. Criminal Justice is just one of the classesContinue Reading

A bus rolls up to Door 1 and students pile out. “Thank you!” “Have a good day!” they call, and  wave to their driver. He smiles back – and then prepares to double back for a second run. For bus driver Jamal Moujtahid, the return to school has meant extraContinue Reading

Teaching has always been new math teacher Mark Steinberg’s passion – but it wasn’t always his profession. Before his teaching career, Steinberg had been a reporter, editor and website programmer for various news outlets, worked in information technology development and even served as a project manager in Silicon Valley. HisContinue Reading