Along the path from the White House to the Capitol, protesters marched on Mar. 25 against political negligence of climate change. In front of the hoard, rushing to stay ahead, were the documenters of the event: the photographers.     Being this was my first time taking pictures for aContinue Reading

The robotics team will be attending their first competition this year on March 6 and 26. The team’s task is to build a robot capable of navigating through a course, shooting a ball and hanging off monkey bars. The team had to troubleshoot before getting a functioning robot that fitContinue Reading

The choice of whether to unmask or remain masked has become a major decision for students and staff alike since new regulations went into effect on March 1. Virginia’s SB 739 allows parents to elect for their child not to wear a mask at school without submitting a formal reason.Continue Reading

Field trips were one of the many things put on pause during the pandemic, but as regulations ease, teachers can begin planning new excursions once again. Field trips do more than just enrich students in curriculum, they serve to help students beyond the classroom. “Anytime that we can tie whatContinue Reading

With his classes back in person, guitar instructor Mathew Kulikosky said it’s time to get out of the bedroom and onto a stage. After playing behind a screen for a year, guitar ensembles are back in the classroom. “Being by yourself and playing the guitar isn’t necessarily a disaster, butContinue Reading

Pandemic-induced learning gaps, particularly for vulnerable student populations, have become an issue on the radar of school administration. In response, administrators plan to address the concerns with a sum of money from the federal government. The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund is a federal grant to supportContinue Reading