The music department’s Disney World field trip sparked an idea in senior Alex Curcio’s head: going barefoot. Curcio said that similar to his five senses, being barefoot helps him connect with reality and use his body the way it was naturally designed, all to become more aware of the worldContinue Reading

Who better to help the student actors of “Xanadu” prepare for the musical than the original actress who starred in the Broadway production 16 years ago? Theater director Bernie DeLeo set up a workshop with Broadway starlet Kerry Butler. The two leads in the musical, senior Dale DeVinney and juniorContinue Reading

The end of the semester brings stress for many students, but this year, it also brought some furry friends. Marshall Minds Matter teamed with Alliance of Therapy Dogs to bring dogs to the senior courtyard to help with stress. “It’s really important for us all to find healthy coping mechanisms,”Continue Reading

To some, software like ChatGPT is a new way to get work done; for others, it represents a growing fear that teaching is becoming obsolete. ChatGPT is a software that generates writing from prompts submitted by users to assist with tasks like writing emails, recipes and essays. English teacher MatthewContinue Reading

At 7 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 14, senior Ava Grim frantically spams her sister. She’s met with silence. Grim quickly checks her sister’s location to find she’s sleeping safe and sound in her dorm. She’s relieved—but the initial shock was frightening. The day before, Christopher Jones Jr. killed three studentsContinue Reading