Henry Smith plays the violin at a Marshall choir concert

After bouncing back from a year online, the music department has proven it can’t be silenced. The virtual setting forced students to take their musical education into their own hands and adapt to COVID’s demands. “[Last year,] we experimented with new things in band such as recording yourself at homeContinue Reading

As Marshall has quickly readjusted to in-person school after over a year of virtual and hybrid learning, school security has taken on a new meaning.  “There’s probably a mental health piece where kids haven’t been in schools in a year and a half in a physical building,”  Student Resource OfficerContinue Reading

School-Based Technology Specialist Rachel Baxter brings a new perspective on inclusive learning with her passion for social justice. Baxter is used to misconceptions about her job, the most notable being the “Technology” part of her title. “I don’t think tech is always the answer,” Baxter said. “I think a lotContinue Reading