Water. Fire. Earth. Air. The four nations that lived in harmony before the Fire Nation attacked. Now, their only chance of survival relied on the master of all four elements: Avatar.  If you have ever heard of “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” it was most likely back in 2008 when theContinue Reading

Every year, millions of Muslims celebrate Ramadan all over the world. But this past month, they spent the religious holiday at home in quarantine.   A big part of Ramadan is fasting from sunrise to sunset each day. For junior Yasmin Mohran, being stuck in quarantine made this experience a lotContinue Reading

Dating will always come with surprises, but learning you have to stay six feet apart at all times is usually never the case.  My boyfriend and I started dating a couple of months before quarantine started. We went from seeing each other almost every day at and outside of schoolContinue Reading

Now that attending class means simply waking up, grabbing your laptop and logging on, I struggle to find the motivation to do more than the bare minimum.  My daily schedule used to be a lot more chaotic. I would wake up at 6:45 a.m., go to school, come home aroundContinue Reading

Apple released their Airpods in late 2016, and three years later introduced the new Airpods Pro. Unlike the first generation Airpods, the Pros implement five main advancements, such as a noise cancellation feature, transparency mode, an Adaptive Equalizer, force sensors and water/sweat resistance. Junior Sarah Cho said she waited forContinue Reading