Prom is over now and I hope everybody had a wonderful time. I have some retrospective advice I would like to offer to future prom attendees.

The first thing you need to do is to start planning early. Find a core group of people, talk to all of them and make sure everyone is on the same page. The page you all need to agree on is money.

Everybody has a different idea of prom in his or her head. Some people envision jewel-encrusted spoons whereas others want to bring a tablecloth to McDonalds. Both are fine.

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The girls lacrosse team is pushing to finish its regular season strong. It has one of its best records in school history following a loss to 15-5 loss to Langley on April 19.

Marshall’s 8-3 record includes wins over strong teams, such as its 15-2 victory over South Lakes and Marshall’s first ever win over Stone Bridge High School.

The Statesmen played McLean on April 23, the team’s Senior Night. Results were not available by press time.

April Reinhart said before the game that “the seniors are expecting to dominate and go out with a bang.”

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The boys lacrosse team is frustrated with its 1-11 record.

The Statesmen lost to Langley High School 11-14 last Thursday.With their loss by only three goals to the first in the district, lacrosse powerhouse Langley, the game left the team optimistic and looking forward to its upcoming matches.

The loss comes after Marshall’s 14-4 loss to Stone Bridge High School last Tuesday, despite a strong first start in goal by senior James Tickner.

Captain Greyson Smith, senior, thinks that the team played poorly in that game.

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I love EarthForce. Every Friday after school, the dedicated students in the club spend hours sorting through your trash and recycling. It is not an easy job; we all know how much junk ends up in the recycling bin. EarthForce dedicates real time to making real change in our community and I think it deserves real recognition.

It seems like every other day that some club at Marshall is raising awareness or fundraising or soliciting donations. But how many of those activities are done for a grade in a class, for admission to a tournament or with some other ulterior motive?

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Grand Theft Auto, the National Rifle Association, the Second Amendment. One of the foremost issues of our national consciousness is that of guns. But while most public debates on the topic involve guns in everyday life or in the media, Marshall’s archers, hunters, skeet shooters and paintball players believe that their shooting sports can help them to grow as people, contrary to the common perception of the sports as violent.

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There has been an influx of former Marshall boys basketball players into Vienna Youth Incorporated’s high school boys basketball league.

At least ten boys who had stopped playing for the Marshall team are now playing with each other again in the local house league.

The high quality of the league has players happy to return to their pre-high school league junior Jeff Townsend said. “I’m really loving my return.”

Players agree that the quality of play in VYI is what they are looking for in a league.

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As the Republican primaries build to the presidential election, there has been a burst of politically-themed clubs, both online and in school organizations that had lain dormant since the 2008 presidential election. Sophomore Alex Nesterczuk founded the Young Republicans Club again after he “noticed that there were a lot of debates on Facebook that were sparked by the race.”

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1. “Afterglow” – Phaeleh
This is real dubstep; perfect for doing homework to and not at all the “dubstep” that fills up the front page of youtube. Its room-shaking bass makes for nice homework vibes.

2. “Don’t Play No Game I Can’t Win” – Beastie Boys
The most dubby reggae chill session made by white people from Brooklyn since … ever?

3. “Heartbeat” – Childish Gambino
This guy oozes crossover appeal between races, genres and mediums. You already know him from Community, but Donald Glover can also rap Young Money under the table.

4. “Katy on a Mission” – Katy B
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