After finishing their IB exams, now-completed IB classes lapse into some combination of stupor, laptops and movies. Those teachers who try to continue teaching in their previous style are met with massive resistance. However, as IB exams wrap up, seniors and some juniors still have a full six weeks of school left. Why let this time go to waste?

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As the minute hand quickly approaches the ending time, you experience a small panic attack as you fill out the remaining bubbles on the SAT. The proctor then calls time and you rush to bubble in one more. The question is not how well you did, but rather how wellContinue Reading

The dance team won two second place trophies with its hip-hop and pom routines at the national cheer and dance competition in Hershey, Pennsylvania on April 21.

“It was really great bonding time for all of us,” sophomore Annie Bryan said.

The team performed two routines at the competition. Pom routines include elements of jazz dance, with the addition of pom-poms.

“We were judged by a panel of about ten judges who based their scores on our moves, our technique, our facials, our energy and our cohesion as a team,” junior Lexie Tsantes said.

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Throughout the season, baseball’s batting lineup evolved so that the crowd saw the same starting four players lead the team during the first inning.

Beginning with three left-handed hitters, each player had been carefully selected by his abilities to play a specific role in the lineup.

Senior Michael Nassoiy, the starting center fielder, batted first in the lineup.

Nassoiy, a third year varsity player for Marshall, undoubtedly set the offensive tone for the rest of his team.

Recognizing this pressure, he took the outlook that “failure is not an option.”

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People skip class to go. Others say they went before anyone else did.

No, this isn’t Chipotle. It’s Unique. The massive store located in Merrifield is a mecca for serious thrifters, but students are increasingly going to find their own clothes.

However, the store still elicits mixed reactions because of varying responses to buying secondhand clothes.

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Have you read Looking for Alaska? You really should. As soon as possible. I say that to everyone I talk to about books, regardless of the topic of the discussion. It is my way of recognizing the quality of John Green’s writing; it is worth recommendation no matter the context. Green, who specializes in teenage slice of life/romance, has a rare gift: he can accurately write teenage characters in the first person.

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After flying President Franklin Roosevelt to the Yalta Conference in 1945, former pilot Elmer Smith spoke on his experiences during a presentation hosted by the Social Studies Honor Society on Jan. 9.

At the event, the former colonel of the US military reminisced about his journeys around the world with important dignitaries, such as former secretary of state George Marshall.

Smith recalled experiences such as the time the plane “lost an engine with President Truman on board.”

Smith noted the differences between him and today’s pilots.

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Surveillance systems will soon be installed in the cafeteria after the FCPS School Board approved their use in FCPS high schools on Dec. 16.

“It is a good practice for the safety and security of the staff,” principal Jay Pearson said. “For students waiting for rides, there would be a level of security and documentation.”

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In search of the kind of charity work he had been part of in his past, senior Ryan Moore drew from his roots.

Before coming to Marshall in his junior year, Moore spent three years in Beijing, China, where, at the International School of Beijing (ISB), he was actively part of Nightingale, one of the school’s charity organizations. Nightingale is affiliated with the Ping An Medical Foster Home.

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Though substitute teacher Barry Finkelstein calls himself “an open book,” his colorful past, which has had a great influence on him, has only recently been revealed.

According to Finkelstein, his personality and style of teaching are the products of his life in the military and his work for the federal government.

Finkelstein spent 36 years in the government: five in active duty and in the Navy, 27 with the Internal Revenue Service and four with the Department of Justice. His first tour with the U.S. Navy was as a line officer aboard a cruiser in Vietnam.

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