On Jan. 21, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis withdrew from his campaign for the 2024 presidential election. DeSantis’ departure from the race is leaving some voters, like social studies teacher Samantha Phelps, concerned about how voters will react to the remaining elections. “I think the Republican Party is going through aContinue Reading

“I think that people should do their own work, and I think that it’s harmful to creativity and different creative fields.” – Senior Ainlsey McCoy “I don’t think it’s a problem at all to have AI help generate an idea with seeds that are provided to it.” – Anatomy andContinue Reading

The English opinion written in the Rank&File’s November issue prompted discussion amongst the English department, bringing new attention to the curriculum. A few English teachers shared their opinions with our staffers regarding their reaction to the opinion piece, “Setting Up for Failure: Preliminary English courses do not prepare for theContinue Reading

Along with the title of senior, there are perks to the job, one of which being senior skip days. When presented with multiple senior skip days this school year, students and teachers have mixed reactions on to how to spend them.  “It’s my last year of high school, so IContinue Reading