Come be part of the most memorable experience you’ll have in high school!

Build amazing relationships with a diverse group of students and do some incredible work—all while developing the skills that will catch the attention of college admissions officers throughout the country.

Journalism and Photojournalism are  full-year English electives. Many students, especially editors and other leaders, take these courses for full credit all four years of high school; however, students may sign up at any time.

But why do students really sign up for journalism? They do it for…

The Energy.

Marshall’s student journalists are a close-knit family of dedicated, passionate individuals who love to communicate and express themselves. They enjoy meeting and talking to new people, learning how to take awesome photographs, getting to write something other than an essay for a change, seeing their name in print, and posting their work online for the entire world to view.

The Leadership.

Marshall’s student journalists learn the art of teamwork. They practice making decisions and taking responsibility. It’s their publication, and it’s only good as the choices they make.

The Technology.

Marshall’s student journalists get to use high-end digital cameras, design pages using the same software as professional magazine and newspaper editors, and experiment with the communication tools of tomorrow.

The Business.

Marshall’s student journalists challenge themselves to be self-sufficient. They learn how to keep their business running amidst a rapidly changing world of media. And they build unique, professional relationships with teachers and administrators throughout the building.

RedefinedThe Memories.

Marshall’s student journalists are in the business of making memories. Twenty-five years from now, if it wasn’t written in the newsmagazine or printed in the yearbook, then—as far as anyone knows—it didn’t happen!

Be a journalist and be the historian.


So…think you’re interested???

If you are a current sophomore or junior and want to join the Newsmagazine or Yearbook staff next year, please speak with Mr. Reinish in Room D211 as soon as possible. (If you’re not ready to join a staff just yet, sign up for Journalism 1 instead. See below.) Just stop by during Learn or after school. Plan on asking a current teacher to fill out a recommendation form. You’ll also want to talk to your counselor to make sure you’ll have room in your course schedule.

If you are an eighth grader or a freshman, tell your counselor you want to sign up for Journalism 1 next year. This introductory course will teach you all about research and what it means to be a reporter. You’ll learn to write for an audience and present information in a variety of print and electronic media. And you’ll learn all about the laws that protect your freedom of speech as well as the rules you need to follow to stay out of trouble!

If you are an eighth grader, freshman, or transfer student with previous experience, you or your parent should send an e-mail to Mr. Reinish ( explaining your background. Experience with middle school publications, journalism camps, summer workshops, and/or other programs may qualify you to skip the introductory course and join a publication staff directly! This is a great opportunity to get a jump on future leadership roles.