by Jasmine Kang
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On Friday, Red Cross club organized a blood drive in coordination with INOVA Blood Donor Services. Students 16 and older, as well as teachers, were eligible.

?I?ve wanted to give blood since freshman year,? senior Noha Zeitoun. ?Hopefully this year I will be able to get over my fear of needles and donate.?

According to Wilson, each donation can help save up to three lives. ?The blood banks are really low right now,? Red Cross Club sponsor Elizabeth Wilson said.

?That is the motivation for donating,? Wilson said. ?For young people particularly, who don?t really have money to donate, donating blood is one way to help out.?

Some students, including sophomore Anna Chuslo, were unable to donate blood due to restrictions such as weight, exposure to disease, and travel limitations.

“I?m not old enough to donate blood,? Chuslo said. ?I would give blood if I could.?

Similarly, senior Stefano Turbati was unable to participate.

?I lived in South Africa, so I couldn?t donate, but I feel like I can still contribute to society in other ways,? Turbati said.

Wilson echoes this sentiment.

?People want to give blood but sometimes they simply are unable to and we don?t want anyone to endanger themselves,? Wilson said.

To regulate safety conditions, it is mandatory for 16-year-old students to obtain a parent signature prior to donating. Wilson, however, urged all students to compete a permission slip, regardless of age for safety reasons.

Approximately 120 people signed up to donate, although the actual number was not available as of press time.