As the month of March rolled in and Music Appreciation Month began, tuned ears heard waves of melodic sound floating down the hallways of Marshall.

Throughout the week of March 3 to March 7, students walking by the cafeteria caught a musical drift each day during Learn, as young musicians performed original songs and covers to a large audience. This week-long event full of musical student performances, commonly known as Music Appreciation Week, allowed musicians to share their talents with the school.

“My initial goal for creating this music week was for people to see the musical talent at our school that’s not often on display,” event organizer Sarah Kenny, senior, said. “For example, the art has a gallery [and] for film there’s a film festival, so what about the musicians?”

By improving her advertising, Kenny hoped to get the event to gain more popularity compared than it had last year, which was the first year that Marshall held Music Appreciation Week.

“Last year I think a lot of people heard music playing and just didn’t know what was going on,” Kenny said. “But this year I hope to get a bigger crowd to come.”

Another difference this year was the absence of the music department’s performance during the middle of the day.

“This year the music teachers felt too overwhelmed to do that. I tried to make a partnership with them and it works to some extent,” Kenny said. “Most of our groups are students in the music department.”

Kenny, who took on the lead role in organizing Music Appreciation Week this year, explained that the event is not only to allow student musicians to perform, but also to open the ears of the student population.

“I think it benefits the people who are listening to it more than the musicians to a certain extent,” Kenny said. “By having a music week, I wanted the school community to be able to bolster their pride behind another sector of the student population.”