Every fan of a series hates it when their beloved story gets turned into a terrible movie. This feeling doesn’t just happen to fans of books but also to fans of video games. The world wide fame of Super Mario Bros. lead to a movie made in 1993 which was an infamous bomb, not even making back half of its $48 million dollar budget. But now even after a show released in 1989 which fans are still recovering from, Netflix is rumored to be making a live-action Legend of Zelda show.

After the online streaming service announced that they are raising $1.5  billion to help fund new content like movies and shows for their subscribers, rumors of an Legend of Zelda show began to circulate.

The Wall Street Journal wrote that someone who is familiar with the project stated that the show will follow the traditional Legend of Zelda formula of Link having to save both Princess Zelda and the magical world of Hyrule. The source continued to say that Netflix is still in the early development stage of the show and looking for a writer; also, according to the source, Netflix describes the Legend of Zelda show as a “Game of Thrones” for a family audience.

While some may think that a live action-action Legend of Zelda show is a good idea, others feel that it won’t live up to the expectations.

“A big-budget Legend of Zelda TV show seems like an unequivocally terrible idea to me, for so many reasons that I had to sit down and list them” said Paul Tassi, contributor to Forbes.

Some problems Tasi stated were costume design, character development, the story of the show, but the main problem the show will face is that Link is a silent protagonist. Since the franchise began in 1986, Link has been mute other than yelling unintelligible shouts when swinging his sword or getting hit by an enemy.