Maintaining a famous YouTube channel is an activity that most are not familiar with in high school. For junior Alex Schmid, a famous YouTube channel has been a part of her life for two years now. Schmid began her account, called ‘simplydaisy’, on YouTube in the ninth grade on the basis of teaching others how to crochet with simple step-by-step processes. She picked up the skill in elementary school, sticking with it throughout her life.

“I decided to make videos about crocheting because it was so different from all of the other videos,” Schmid said. “I also saw that there was a lack of effective YouTube videos about crocheting, especially from teenagers, so I knew there would be limited competition or similar channels.”

Schmid’s channel today has over 65,000 subscribers, and the channel posts a new video about once a month.

“She is successful because her videos are so different and unique,” junior Cara Henderson said.

In addition to the distinctiveness of her videos, Schmid makes the effort to engage others in her comment section.

“I try to reach out to viewers who comment or have questions to create a welcoming environment where people can learn together,” Schmid said.

Content varies from teaching beginner designs to more complex designs, as well as offering alternative videos such as braiding methods and crotchet storage organization.

Although she does get paid by YouTube through ads, Schmid says that she doesn’t sustain a channel for the money, rather, she does so to engage and teach others.

“One of the best parts about having my channel is when I get an excited comment from someone who uses the tutorial to make a blanket for someone who has had surgery or suffers from arthritis or tendonitis,” Schmid said. “They tell me my videos and crocheting have helped relieve their symptoms or pains in their hands”

For now, Schmid hopes to eventually reach 100,000 subscribers and collaborate with other channels in the future.

“Other than broadening my scope on YouTube, I don’t really have any other plans because my education takes priority over YouTube,” Schmid said.

Junior Alex Schmid shows her viewers one of many basic blanket patterns on her YouTube channel. The video currently has more than 15,000 views.