In One Week is a feature where one or more staff members take on a new habit for a week. In this IOW, a staffer changes her diet to vegan for a full week.


I knew nothing about eating vegan and I was afraid the

challenge would be something I couldn’t handle. It was pretty rough going from my regular diet to my new diet because I not only had to eliminate meat, but also all animal products. I kept

my week of veganism to only my diet and not in the products I used.


Tuesday was much easier than Monday. Now that I knew what to expect from eating vegan, I was prepared for the rest of the week. My only issue with Tuesday was that I found myself so hungry all day long. I was still struggling from the sudden change in my diet. Surprisingly, going vegan didn’t mean I couldn’t eat food that I like.


I planned a Mexican night and the only thing different from what I was eating was that I used vegan cheese. It felt like eating vegan became more of a choice.


I came to the realization that I actually enjoyed what I was doing and that I am now going to only consume animal products once a week for one meal. I felt as though I had so much more energy and I was far less stressed.


My final day of being a vegan was here. Nothing was special about today in terms of what I ate, but I felt a little sad that the week was over. I not only learned about the benefits of eating vegan, but I also experienced them. I’m so glad with the result of this week, and I’m proud of myself for having a change of heart on being a dietary vegan.