Principal Jeff Litz caught a mouse trapped in a classroom with his bare hands and put it outside safely. Social studies teacher Kevin Curtin arrived in his classroom to a mouse scurrying around in the corner and after the mouse began to climb around the room asked for assistance from Litz.

“The mouse was climbing along the venetian blinds in the back of the room,” Curtin said. “I am not one for handling wild animals myself, so I reached out for Mr. Litz and asked if he could come set up a mouse trap.”

Litz had another idea, however, as he believed he could catch the mouse himself.

“When Mr. Litz said he could catch the mouse himself and take it outside I was very skeptical,” Curtin said.

Litz exceeded Curtin’s expectations when his plan succeeded.

“Mr. Litz grabbed the mouse by the tail and took it outside without harming it,” Curtin said. “It was pretty impressive. I certainly shared my doubts with Mr. Litz, but he proved me wrong. I don’t know if he’d be able to chase a mouse down and tackle and catch it with his bare hands, but the tail was showing and he just plucked it off the blinds and carried it out.”

Litz captures a mouse by its tail in history teacher Kevin Curtin’s classroom.