Senior Matteo Ferramondo gained over 30,000 followers on Pinterest, leading to his account becoming famous on the internet. He earned his online popularity from posting pictures of several topics that interest him on the different image boards he created on his account, and he gets these pictures from various websites online.

Matteo started his Pinterest account back in his freshman year. He said that the pictures he posts reflect the person he is, so his account tends to attract people with personalities similar to Matteo’s. From motivational quotes to pictures of cars, Ferramondo says he gained all of his followers simply by posting around the clock.

“I was mostly bored, and I was just uploading and sending pictures to my newly created pinterest account,”  Ferramondo said. “That’s how I got the followers.”

Ferramondo’s younger brother, sophomore Alessandro Ferramondo, also created his own Pinterest account after hearing about his brother’s success.

“When I first heard about Matteo’s Pinterest popularity,” Ferramondo said. “I didn’t believe him. Then I saw his account, and I realized these followers literally came out of nowhere. I was very proud of him, and I even decided to create my own account which didn’t go well for me because I didn’t take it as seriously as Matteo did.”

The popularity Matteo gained on Pinterest has led to many opportunities to come his way. “I’ve got some advertisement requests from a few businesses who were interested in my yachts and sailing boards, but I haven’t made a decision yet,” Ferramondo said.

“I will not associate my Pinterest boards with any kind of business deals,” Ferramondo said. “[It] is just a hobby.”

Ferramondo’s popularity is relatively unknown within his friends with some of them not even knowing his account existed.

“Only my closest friends know about my account,” Ferramondo said. “I don’t want to be known for this because I think people should know me for who I am in general.”

Senior Setota Tesfu is one of Matteo’s closest friends, and she was the first person to know about his account.

“He’s very humble about his account,” Tesfu said. “He doesn’t tell a lot of people about it, but I think it’s aesthetic and super interesting. It’s a bigger deal than he makes it sound.

Despite the followers Ferramondo earned, he does not want to be known for his fame online but rather forthe person he is with his friends.