Robotics teacher Nancy Rogers and her group of 51 students took a tour at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a division of the U.S. Department of Technology, and one of the agencies of the US Department of Commerce on Nov. 21.

“Our [STEM Robotics] students were pretty well-loaded with the idea to begin their first summer internship at NIST,” Nancy said. “They were coming with the idea to start their academy practice right after the end of school.

Sophomore and Robotics Club captain Elena Bachman explained the mission of the Institute, which is to promote progressive and industrial competitiveness of the United States by creating and developing the sciences of technology in order to increase security and improve quality of life.

“We are trying to imply our skills with given advices on developing our machines and making them more accessible,” Bachman said. “We all got to see bunch of their really interesting stuff and they offer internships, a lot of our students in the tour group actually planned to work there.”