Vienna Youth Incorporated house basketball provides athletes with friendly competition outside of school sports. Despite being a house basketball league, VYI creates an intense environment away from high school sports.  

“The league is competitive [and] everyone is very talented,” senior and VYI player Jayan Zachariah said.

Zachariah also mentioned how the upcoming playoffs build intensity in the league and promote competition.

“All the teams are jostling and competing hard for playoff positions,” Zachariah said.

In addition to playing, some students also coach seventh graders in a lower league. Zachariah also said coaching was just as fun and competitive as playing.

“Some of the seventh graders have very good skills [and] it’s really enjoyable getting to teach kids how to play basketball and have fun with them,” Zachariah said.

The  interest for house basketball stems from playing with and against friends.

“When you’re playing and coaching people you know, the competition gets pretty intense,” Zachariah said.