Not fitting into the specific description for a sport or a club, dance team members have expressed the struggles they face with assimilating into the school. Despite their lack of a set niche, the team has made it to the Nationals level, and will be traveling to Orlando  this upcoming February.

“This is very exciting and demonstrates that we are serious as a team and want to participate on a larger level at Marshall,” senior and dance team captain Alex Schmid said.

Freshman and dancer Sophia Song said that the lack of recognition has made it harder to gain funds for activities.

“We don’t get as many money funds for dance team because we aren’t considered a sport, and we don’t compete against other schools,” Song said.  

As of now, the members must pay for everything out of their pockets, which coach Maggie Foarde says limits them to not being able to have uniforms.

“[Fundraising] can get complicated sometimes,” Foarde said. “We have to make sure anything we want to do doesn’t conflict with something the boosters already do, or with something another team or club already does.”