Marshall Women in STEM is a club that juniors Emaan Khan and Maheen Saeed recently created. The club aims to encourage female participation in the science field, along with the technology, engineering and math fields. The club, in its first year, plans to help integrate girls into STEM studies. STEM is a central aspect of many rising industries, but lacks women.

Khan and Saeed said they were fed up with the overabundance of boys in the field and wanted to show their peers that girls should pursue careers in STEM as well.

“I started it because we need more women in the STEM field,” Khan said. “We are the future; technology is never going to stop growing.”

Saeed said she felt similarly when starting the club.

“I feel like many girls aren’t encouraged to go into STEM directed fields or don’t know about opportunities that are offered,” Saeed said.

Khan said they are looking to change the way people think about women in STEM based fields.

“I want girls to understand that STEM is not just sitting in front of a computer or just coding,” Khan said.

They also want to develop members into individuals who have a deep knowledge of the field and can use their knowledge in real life situations.

“We need a new demographic of workers in the workforce,” Khan said. “I want this club to provide members a proper understanding of what careers involve STEM and show them that it’s not just sitting in front of a computer or just coding.”

Saeed said she was shocked to find that people seemed passionate about the club.

“It’s surprising to know that a lot of girls have found out about the club from word of mouth and personally ask questions regarding the club,” Saeed said.

Although they have only been a part of the school for a month, Saeed and Khan said they feel hopeful about the possible turnout for the club in the near future.

“Right now we have all the materials and the presentations necessary to have our first meeting and we are preparing for our next,” Khan said.

English teacher Brenna Killeen has overseen the process of the club’s initiation.

Saeed and Khan said they are grateful for her commitment to the club, and the assistance they’ve recieved from her.

“Our sponsor is really supportive of our recruitment of girls into the club,” Saeed said. “She understands the struggle of girls trying to achieve and advance in STEM fields.”

The club’s first meeting will be in the first week of February. They will meet once or more every month to allow members to learn more about the fields of science and technology through discussions, projects and guest speakers.