Abe Savage’s music may be loud and full of explicit lyrics, but the meaning reaches a lot further than that.

“I make music because I’ve [had problems] and I broke them and by me being the difference I want to show the youth that [they] can overcome any pillars they have,” Vasquez said.

Albert Vasquez, commonly referred to by his stage name Abe Savage, publishes music to SoundCloud and YouTube. Vasquez has received 16,542 views and SoundCloud and 1,636 views on YouTube.

“My music is a mix of genres, fast rap, screamo, some would even describe it as raw,” Vasquez said. “I’m not scared to say what’s on my mind, or what I’m feeling.”

Vasquez credits his style to rapper XXXTENTACION. In his newest song, Vasquez incorporated a segment with  XXXTENTACION rapping. Vasquez has even remixed an XXXTENTACION song, “Jocelyn Flores” in Spanish.

“His music helped me realize that I can make a difference with my music,” Vasquez said.  

Vasquez said his goal is to help others realize that anything is possible.

“I wanted to show my family and everyone else that God has their future in his hands and anything is possible,” Vasquez said. “My music also has a deep effect on me by helping me connect with my family and help others grow in their own ways.”

Special Education teacher Paul Fauteux agreed said rapping has been beneficial to Vasquez.

“[Vasquez] puts a lot of energy into his rapping and it’s a good outlet for him,” Fauteux said. “I think it’s good for people to put some effort into a project they’re passionate about and can be proud of, and I think that’s what Abe’s music is for him.”

Sophomore Valentina Enriquez also share an appreciation for Vasquez’s music.

“I like his music because it’s catchy and chill and I can tell there is a deeper meaning,” Enriquez said.

Vasquez plans on enrolling in music production classes at Northern Virginia Community College after graduation.

“I want to help create a better world through music and make sure others understand that they can make a difference in the world,” Vasquez said.