Statesmen Choir held its first-ever singing talent show, Broadway Desserts Cabaret, on Feb. 16. In this unprecedented event, 32 students sang a variety of songs for an audience during a two-hour program.

“I opened up Broadway Desserts to everyone,” music teacher and choir director Kelli Pierson said. “I kind of wanted to have an event like this to include […] performers who are looking for an opportunity [to do choir], but don’t have enough time in their schedule.”

Pierson held no formal rehearsals for the event, and  instead gave the performers the liberty to practice on their own in the days leading up to the performance.

“I think it’s a cool idea that we’re given the independence to work on the piece on our own and do what we want with the songs,” men’s choir co-president and performer freshman Josh Gurdak said. “[Pierson] trusted us to rehearse on our own. All of the acts were completely designed by the students.”

Broadway Desserts was designed for specifically Broadway performances, such as “Beauty and the Beast”, “Newsies”, and “Les Misérables”.

“[Broadway Desserts] is definitely more theatrical than a regular concert,” Gurdak said.

Max Cowman, one of the performers, enjoyed the positive feedback from the audiences after their performances.

“I [felt] like a celebrity,” senior Max Cowman said. “Everyone talking to me, saying I did a good job. It [felt] good.”

Cowman played Aaron Burr in the Hamilton song “Schuyler Sisters” during the opening act of Broadway Desserts.

Broadway Desserts originated at Woodson High School by Michael Urlich roughly 30 years ago. The event was originally called “Dessert on Broadway,” and was used as a fundraiser.

“I think [desserts were included because] ]they wanted to entice people to come with one more thing,” Pierson said. “We see shows going on all the time going on in the choir department. We have four concerts a year, but to give that one extra word, people are going to go, ‘Oh. There are desserts.’”

Pierson said she hopes that Broadway Desserts can continue beyond this year.

“This is the first Broadway themed talent show in Marshall history,” Pierson said. “We have done a spring show that was Broadway themed […], but never something that was specifically Broadway.”