The varsity baseball team went undefeated against 5A opponents during the regular season, but will play against 6A teams in the playoffs. The team plays against 6A teams in non-district play to compete against more difficult opponents.

“In every sport, we try, and get the hardest 6A teams that will play us,” athletic director Joe Swarm said. “If you look at out of our district schedule it is extremely difficult in all of our sports.”

The team only went 2-2 against 6A teams during regular season play, but freshman and catcher Drew Hiller said he believes that the team can beat 6A teams in the playoffs.

“I think that we can do very well against the higher level [6A] teams and we are very capable of beating them,” Hiller said.

Senior Connor Freeman said he wishes the team played 6A teams all year and he’s happy the team plays in the 6A playoffs because 5A teams do not present as tough a challenge.

“I’m glad we get the chance to play in 6A for the playoffs because it’s a nice change of pace,” Freeman said. “It’s a more competitive atmosphere and I think that with our success in 5A, we will have a good chance.”