Apple Federal Credit Union recently visited to try and gain new credit accounts from those eligible. This visit provided an opportunity for individuals to create an account without traveling to an Apple Federal office.

“If someone actually wants to create an account, I’d bet it’s a lot easier for them to have the credit union come to them rather than them having to drive to some random office,” senior Jayan Zachariah said. Zachariah also said he didn’t think many people would end up making accounts, despite the easy opportunity.

“I really don’t think anyone will actually make an account,” Zachariah said. “Most people are focused on school and their friends. No one really cares about their credit right now.”

Senior Jason Gracia said he believes it’s not necessary for the credit union to come to the school.

“I don’t understand why they are here,” Gracia said. “I doubt many people care about making a credit union account right now.”