For sophomores Shivane Anand and Rohan Jain, discussion groups that don’t solve problems are fine, as long as the members open up while they chat.

Anand and Jain recently implemented the current event club in February, which has now been running meetings weekly to discuss and debate news events with other students. Club meetings typically begin with a current events Kahoot game that consists of topics ranging from political to athletic.

From there, club members go over headlines from the previous week, giving students the opportunity to discuss the topics than debate. The leadership of the club asks open ended questions in order to give the members an opportunity to express their views or ask questions on the topic.

Sophomore and public relations chair Hannah Altman said that she thinks the club is important because it allows for others to both agree and disagree on topics.

“That’s something that other political clubs don’t do,” Altman said. “I also feel that as high schoolers, sometimes people feel that they don’t need to be involved and I wanted to make sure students knew there was a way to be involved and informed.

While the club does speak on political events, members said that the purpose of the club isn’t to persuade people into a political affiliation.

“We try to stay neutral, so we won’t be coordinating with other political clubs,” Anand said. “Our goal is to give students a platform to share their opinion with students who hold differentiating views, not to all agree on something.”

Outside of regular meetings, the club also occasionally invites public speakers from the government to come in and talk about their role on current events.

Members said that they enjoy partaking in the events of the club because of the relaxed environment.

“I think it’s important for students to stay updated on current events because many people are unaware that they may be affected by these issues,” sophomore Ben Stone said. “I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere where I can express my opinions on current events that affect me.”