The anime club held its annual MarCon to celebrate their common interest. MarCon provided karaoke, video games, Japanese food and group viewing of anime.

“We got food, anime, game shows, karaoke and video games, so something for everyone,” club president Morgan Smith said.

MarCon also acted as a way for the anime club to not only hang out, but to also raise money.

“It’s a place for people with a common interest to hang out and be with one another,” Smith said. “It’s [also] a way to raise money for the club [and] it’s a cheap alternative to going to an actual convention.”

Members said anime also offers a contrast to western media and provides a distinct viewing experience.

“I started watching anime a while ago and I thought it was pretty cool, so I started watching more and more of it and got pulled into it,” senior and club member Jacob Rak said. “It’s so unique compared to a lot of western stuff [and] its storytelling is different as well.”

Anime club sponsor Jonathan Super said the variety of anime content at MarCon benefits not only members of the club itself, but also many other different personalities and preferences, because it regards different genres.

“I sponsor the club because I watch a lot of anime and it’s fun,” Super said. “Anime is special because there is a wide variety that will interest anyone and we do MarCon because it’s a fun time for us to watch anime […] and just hang out all day,” Super said.