“Better Now”

“I feel like this is a lot like his older songs, and I love the beat. I like the lyrics a lot too because I feel like it’s easy for a lot of people to relate to”

— emaan khan, junior

“I’ve always liked Post Malone. This song is better than the others, but the entire album isn’t that good”

— jeremy dillon, senior

“Better Now is a really good song. It can get you hyped, and the beat is sick. You can dance to it really easily. It’s kind of repetitive, but that makes it more catchy”

— timmy bradley, freshman


“I think it’s easily the best song on the album. [Post Malone] is definitely known for a very specific type of sound, and I love that he was able to channel his voice into something softer and more meaningful. It’s always interesting to be able to develop your own opinions on an artist as you listen to an album because they’ve made it such a diverse soundtrack.”

— lauren marsh, junior


This is definetely the underdog of the album. Not only does the music itself have this great vibe, but the lyrics are actually super deep and relatable. That isn’t generally a characteristic that comes to mind when you think about rap.

— erin villaronga, senior

“Rich & Sad”

“It’s got a good beat and I like how easy it is to listen to without over analyzing it much. Sometimes you need a song that you can just listen to while getting ready or hanging out with your friends”

— annaliese wan, junior