The boys varsity soccer team entered the 5A playoffs following a 6-5-2 record in conference during the 2018 season. The team lost the first seed by tying the final conference game against Edison High School at the end of the year, but still gained a high seed.

“It was frustrating to lose the one seed, especially on a tie,” senior and captain Jared Valdes said. “I still believe we can go deep in the playoffs though. We are way too good to lose in the first round this year.”

Senior and player Connor Thompson said he hopes the team can go farther after losing in the first round last year.

“When we got knocked out in the first round last year it was pretty disappointing,” senior and player Connor Thompson said. “I really think this year with the high seed we can make it at least through the first round.”

In single-elimination playoffs, the seniors face their final game of high school sports every match they play.

“There is a lot of pressure on the whole team, but specifically the seniors in their last year,” Valdes said. “If we lose, that’s it in terms of high school soccer for most of us.”

Senior and player Casey Tabatabai said he does not care if they go far in the playoffs as long as they play well.

“Whether we get eliminated in the first round or win states as long as we are playing the best we can I don’t care,” Tabatabai said.