Every year the graduating senior class takes a commemorative trip to Kings Dominion as a way to celebrate their final year of high school.“It’s sort of this final, entire class tradition,” senior Jazz Haaren said. “It’s this funny, cheesy way to say bye to high school before we all go our separate ways.”

This year the annual trip faced preliminary conflict and cancellation due to a lack of interest amongst the senior class.

“You had to fill out this form and not many people got around to doing that, so we thought we couldn’t go,” senior Clark Zimmerman said. “Eventually, we had enough forms filled out and now we’re going.”

Zimmerman attributes the original lack of interest to the inaccessibility and poor communication regarding the form.

“A lot of people didn’t realize we had to fill this out,” Zimmerman said. “Once we realized that it determined our going, then everyone started to get on that.”

Senior Jasmine Hall said that missing the trip due to miscommunication would be a failed opportunity for her graduating class to make one final, lasting memory.

“Obviously everybody wants to go and have fun and peace out high school in a traditional manner,” Hall said. “I don’t think we were disinterested, I just think with everything else on our plate, filling out a form slipped our minds.”

Despite issues regarding student interest, the Kings Dominion trip will take place as scheduled.

“I’m glad we get to go,” Hall said. “As a senior, I really want a giant class field trip before we all get ready to delve into college life.”