Apple just released the iOS 12 software update for iPhones and iPads. According to CNBC, the new update is a big refinement over iOS 11, which Apple released in 2017.

iOS 12 includes several new features, such as Screen Time, an option that shows users how much time they’ve spent on certain apps, and Memoji, through which people can create animated digital versions of themselves, so long as their devices have Face ID. The new update also allows users to create custom commands for Siri. Apple says iOS 12 will be faster than iOS 11, especially when a person is running several apps simultaneously.

Despite these refined features and improvements in accessibility, the release of the new software update received mixed reviews among students.

“I feel like [Apple] is barely actually changing anything,” senior Jennifer Cole said. “They’re just adding a few different features, and I feel like some of them are features I wouldn’t want or care for.”

The update is now available for installment under the “Software Update” command in the Settings app.