Each year, the senior class elects new mob leaders. The leaders came into this position through their passion for the school and enthusiastic spirit.

As each class of seniors graduates, former mob leaders pass on their title to the new generation of student section heads. For the class of 2019, those students are seniors Eliza Roth and Robbie Axtell.

“One of my favorite parts of Marshall early on was the spirit aspect,” Roth said.

While school spirit is a large part of the job description, there are other aspects of being a mob leader. Roth and Axtell are also responsible for managing the Marshall Mob Twitter account, as well as selecting the color outs during spirit week.

Roth said encouraging the student body to participate in events is what she hopes to do with her role as inciter of school spirit.

“This job gives us such a sense of responsibility and community,” Roth said. “I really hope everyone looks up to us and follows our lead.”

Roth said she has had an interest in being a mob leader since her freshman year. Axtell, on the other hand, said he was not aware of the position until recently.

“It never really occurred to me to be a mob leader until this year,” Axtell said. “It was never a goal of mine freshman year, it just kind of happened”.

Axtell said sports have always been a passion of his, and he particularly enjoys attending school basketball games because the close proximity of the attendees in the crowd creates a strong sense of community.

“Personally I like basketball games a little more than football games,” Axtell said. “Specifically if we make a buzzer-beater. Big plays make me really hyped.”

Roth and Axtell said they have a good relationship. Roth and Axtell bonded over the challenge of being transfer students and needing to make a brand new group of friends.

“Me and Eliza go way back,” Axtell said. “We’ve been friends since middle school and we both came here as opposed to going to Langley [High School],”

Axtell sought out former 2018 graduate and mob leader Nicolas Hauser last year to discuss the position, after Axtell’s friends told him he would be a good fit for the role.

Like Axtell, Roth enjoys basketball games. She said of all of the games, watching Marshall play Madison is her favorite part of the season.

“I think that’s my favorite, the Marshall versus Madison game,” Roth said. “Last year’s [game] was so much fun.”

Both Roth and Axtell said they want to represent the spirit of Marshall to the fullest and encourage others to get involved with school events and activities.