The Parent Teacher Student Association is raising money for the 12 new classroom modulars in order to provide the classes with the materials necessary to create a better learning environment.

The “armchair” fundraiser allows people to donate to the cause without leaving their home, simply by going online to the PTSA website.

“I think [the fundraiser] is wonderful,” entrepreneurship teacher Shelley Gaffin said. “Any little bit goes a long way and benefits the students, which is our end goal.”

The objective of the fundraiser is to collect more than 8,000 dollars to cover the costs of resources for the modulars. The PTSA will also allocate a part of the funds to teachers in order to elevate the quality of their rooms and modify the path from the trailers to the rest of the school.

“[I] would invest in technology for the classroom,” marketing teacher Angie Rogers said. “There are lots of great things available that we can definitely take advantage of.”