The varsity cheerleading team won the National District Finals on Monday, Oct. 15 at Wakefield High School.

After competing successfully in the semi and quarter finals, the team reclaimed their title as National District Champions.

“It felt so good to take our title back,” junior Sophie Little said. “The team put so much hard work and effort into becoming the best.”

After placing fifth in a competition in late September, the squad moved up the ranks after winning second place at an invitational in Annandale.

“I really wanted to win districts my senior year,” senior Emma Sahlgren stated “I honestly started crying because of how happy I was.”

Sahlgren has been a member of varsity cheer throughout her four years of high school. She said the event was a major accomplishment and that she was grateful for the players who came to support them.

“Winning district was breathtakingly amazing and not only because it’s great to win and we had all of our friends supporting us,” junior Kara-Dove Mutombo said.