Gryphon Robotics team entered two teams in the the First Robotics Competition on Oct. 20.

“This our second off-season competition we’ve ever done,” said imagery captain Kirsten Springer. “It was nice to go over the competition spirit with new members, it is so much [both excitement and teamwork] at once.”

Kirsten also said that they entered two teams this off-season, and one team almost won quarter-finals.

“Sr. Toothpick was a brand new robot that freshmen built this year to introduce them to some of the engineering concepts and things we look for [in] the robots at the game that we play” Springer said.

She said  there were some issues with the new robot at the competition. The team had to do last minute fixes  at the event.

“Despite that [issue], [the event]  went really well for our new team members,” Springer said.  

“On Ilite Robotics Off-Season Challenge [IROC], we made it to quarterfinals with our new robot Sr. Toothpick,” Robotics team media captain Will Parrott said.

“During IROC, Sr. Toothpick was our backup robot in the case that Guillotine would break,” coding captain Parsia Bahrami said. “What we didn’t know was the potential that Señor Toothpick had.”

Bahrami said both of their robots were successful and Sr. Toothpick competed proudly .