Over the summer, junior Faith Forman launched a crocheting business, Sola Fide, which sells personally crafted and customized products.

The company’s name, Sola Fide, reflects Forman’s namesake.

“[Sola Fide] came from Latin and means ‘by faith alone,’” Forman said. “I like the name because I own and develop the business.”

Forman said she started Sola Fide because she enjoys crocheting as a hobby and always ends up with a surplus of items.

“I had so many people telling me how great it would be if I started [a business],” Forman said. “So I thought I could sell to people who would want and love the products.”

Forman’s mother and younger sister help her run Sola Fide.

“[My mother] helps me communicate with people every once in a while, find correct colors at the store and find good places to have photoshoots,” Forman said. “My younger sister, Hadley, helps me run it too. She models my products.

Forman said the average amount of time she spends on every item is approximately eight hours, depending on the pattern and yarn size.

“Now that school has started, I [have] to find time on the bus and [on] Saturdays to complete projects,” Forman said.

The most difficult aspect Forman faces is processing the specifications of the client within a reasonable deadline.

“[Clients’ orders] can be really tricky because they don’t know my options when I’m at the store,” Forman said. “They could want a color that I’m not capable of getting.”

Forman said her favorite overall part of running her business is delivering the finished products.

“Just seeing the pure joy on some people’s faces has made my day,” Forman said.

Though Forman said she does not foresee this hobby as a career due to the effort and time dedicated to each item, she would still like to crochet in her spare time.

“I would love to have this be a side job for me for as long as [Sola Fide] can sustain itself,” Forman said.