Henry Smith plays the violin at a Marshall choir concert

After bouncing back from a year online, the music department has proven it can’t be silenced. The virtual setting forced students to take their musical education into their own hands and adapt to COVID’s demands. “[Last year,] we experimented with new things in band such as recording yourself at homeContinue Reading

The creation of a new European soccer league has led some Marshall students to reconsider their overseas allegiances. Twelve European teams from England, Italy and Spain confirmed they will join the European Super League, which would disqualify them from some of the world’s best domestic leagues, the most prestigious existingContinue Reading

The ability to work from home for months on end may sound like a blessing to many, but Biology teacher Michael Osborn’s two children occasionally force him to travel to school in the middle of a pandemic to escape the noise. “I have to balance teaching my class, then checkingContinue Reading

With fully online learning comes major changes for both leaders and members of clubs at Marshall. Far different from listening to morning announcements, students now have to check Instagram or Schoology to find information about clubs they are interested in. History club president and senior Katherine Reback’s club held itsContinue Reading

Water. Fire. Earth. Air. The four nations that lived in harmony before the Fire Nation attacked. Now, their only chance of survival relied on the master of all four elements: Avatar.  If you have ever heard of “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” it was most likely back in 2008 when theContinue Reading