“I think that people should do their own work, and I think that it’s harmful to creativity and different creative fields.” – Senior Ainlsey McCoy “I don’t think it’s a problem at all to have AI help generate an idea with seeds that are provided to it.” – Anatomy andContinue Reading

The English opinion written in the Rank&File’s November issue prompted discussion amongst the English department, bringing new attention to the curriculum. A few English teachers shared their opinions with our staffers regarding their reaction to the opinion piece, “Setting Up for Failure: Preliminary English courses do not prepare for theContinue Reading

Rank&File Reporters Rhea Newnaha and Georgia Streett followed the Theater Department’s production of the Laramie project to track down the message in Laramie, Wyoming. Watch the video below to see what they found and a little peek at the fall play.  Continue Reading

Just five years ago, 2012 Marshall alum Johnny Nguyen was sitting in his cubicle at Navy Federal. While his days were filled with staring at a screen, his nights were filled with — cookies?! Inspired by his old late-night haunts at James Madison University, Nguyen would go on to openContinue Reading

A mini-documentary about Marshall High School’s theater department’s production of “Blue Stockings”. Watch the director, actors, and crew explain the ins and outs of a play, including an interesting twist: doing a British accent!Continue Reading

Tough physical conditioning, discipline training and working to build character. This weekend junior Ethan Um will continue to delve into service academy life through a challenging leadership course. Um’s Unit of the Air Force division Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is holding a Cadet Leadership Course from May 26 toContinue Reading