Just five years ago, 2012 Marshall alum Johnny Nguyen was sitting in his cubicle at Navy Federal. While his days were filled with staring at a screen, his nights were filled with — cookies?! Inspired by his old late-night haunts at James Madison University, Nguyen would go on to openContinue Reading

A mini-documentary about Marshall High School’s theater department’s production of “Blue Stockings”. Watch the director, actors, and crew explain the ins and outs of a play, including an interesting twist: doing a British accent!Continue Reading

Tough physical conditioning, discipline training and working to build character. This weekend junior Ethan Um will continue to delve into service academy life through a challenging leadership course. Um’s Unit of the Air Force division Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is holding a Cadet Leadership Course from May 26 toContinue Reading

The music department’s Disney World field trip sparked an idea in senior Alex Curcio’s head: going barefoot. Curcio said that similar to his five senses, being barefoot helps him connect with reality and use his body the way it was naturally designed, all to become more aware of the worldContinue Reading

*edited for length and clarity. Gender neutral bathrooms auto-locking, other issues concern club president. Staff writer Reyna Berry: In our last issue, there was a story about a meeting between the Gender Sexuality Alliance and Principal Litz. As one of the sources, you reached out about sharing some more thoughts.Continue Reading

Here’s what you need to know: Students have often criticized class grading policy, but it seems some administrators are listening. In 2022, the local High School Principals Association, led by Principal Jeffrey Litz, oversaw the most recent changes to Fairfax County’s grade policy to focus more on content mastery thanContinue Reading

Theory of Knowledge is the second semester of junior year and first semester of senior year. Here’s a pre- and post-TOK review from junior Krish Bhalla and senior Kian Nolan.   Describe your TOK experience. Krish: It’s so rule-oriented: you need to follow the rules exactly to get a goodContinue Reading