“Through the air there’s a calling / From far away / There’s a voice I can hear / That will lead me home”—these were sophomore Sophia Welch’s favorite lines from “The Road Home,” one of the songs she sang at the first in-person choir concert on Oct. 7. “It feltContinue Reading

As social distancing issues have resurfaced, the amount of outdoor seating open during lunch has waned. The rise in outdoor eating and frustration over underclassmen in the Senior Courtyard have raised questions of whether to open up other outdoor spaces. “We want to give individuals enough space to properly distanceContinue Reading

Pandemic-induced learning gaps, particularly for vulnerable student populations, have become an issue on the radar of school administration. In response, administrators plan to address the concerns with a sum of money from the federal government. The Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund is a federal grant to supportContinue Reading

Stroll through F Hall, down the stairs near the gym, take a sharp right into the Marshall Academy, and head to room 503. This secluded, professional area is where junior Ellen Shpetishvili and other Criminal Justice 2 students have class every morning. Criminal Justice is just one of the classesContinue Reading

The Freshman Transition Program, or FTP, pairs senior mentors with classes of freshmen to help aid their transition from middle school to high school.  FTP went from in-person to virtual and back again, separated by gender to co-ed. Rank & File members recall their individual FTP experiences from the pastContinue Reading

The last five weeks have seen debates in hallways, classrooms and beyond over the debut of a new 40-minute class. The class, Advisory, builds on the social-emotional learning time introduced last year. Advisory co-leads Patrick McDonough and Katy Sokolove said the administration gathered student opinions in 2020 where some studentsContinue Reading

School-Based Technology Specialist Rachel Baxter brings a new perspective on inclusive learning with her passion for social justice. Baxter is used to misconceptions about her job, the most notable being the “Technology” part of her title. “I don’t think tech is always the answer,” Baxter said. “I think a lotContinue Reading