Claire Tinsley had an epiphany when she switched career paths to go into teaching. Tinsley majored in art history at William and Mary and intended to become a curator at a museum. But, after interning at the Kennedy Center, she realized it was not the right fit. “I ended upContinue Reading

Teaching has always been new math teacher Mark Steinberg’s passion – but it wasn’t always his profession. Before his teaching career, Steinberg had been a reporter, editor and website programmer for various news outlets, worked in information technology development and even served as a project manager in Silicon Valley. HisContinue Reading

marshall high school homecoming neon rave

Between the shrunken size and the open front wall, the Marshall Neon Rave of 2021 looked like a museum display designed to show aliens what prom looked like.  The white tent in the upper parking lot never exceeded a third of the 97 strong guest list at one time. AlthoughContinue Reading

Juniors Salma Roquet and Morgan Sergio have been friends throughout high school, but the pair came to a crossroads over their learning option this year. Both students take English teacher Matthew Horne’s fifth period IB English Language and Literature class. The only difference between the two is that Roquet attendsContinue Reading

For the first time in almost a year, senior Zamir Ticknor will walk through the doors of Marshall, ready to start in-person learning.  Ticknor said that while he enjoyed the freedoms of online school, he is ready to get back to in-person learning.  “What makes me most excited is theContinue Reading