The ability to work from home for months on end may sound like a blessing to many, but Biology teacher Michael Osborn’s two children occasionally force him to travel to school in the middle of a pandemic to escape the noise. “I have to balance teaching my class, then checkingContinue Reading

Silence. As I sit and wait in my breakout room there is nothing to be heard as we all wait for one person to gather up the courage to say the first “hello”. After that, microphones and cameras remain turned off until we return back to the main group. ThisContinue Reading

After attending virtual classes all day long, Junior Henry Thatcher puts on his mask and leaves to begin his cart catcher job at Wegmans. Thatcher said he finds balancing his job with school much easier now that he has found a way to better organize his time. “I can balanceContinue Reading

A once energetic and collaborative elective has gone silent. Choir students, now confined to their own houses, can only turn on their microphones and sing together when celebrating someone’s birthday. Choir classes now use Sound Trap, an application that allows them to record themselves independently and play all the recordingsContinue Reading

For senior Sriya Thammisetti, the end of the first quarter brought even more stress as the early deadlines for college application approached.  The traditional Nov. 1 due date for early decision and early action applicants coincided almost perfectly with the last day of the first quarter on Oct. 30, causingContinue Reading