Between April showers and May?s warm temperatures, spring weather is unpredictable, calling for versatile clothing. Many of this year?s spring essentials are classic styles that have been updated to keep up with modern trends. These styles are functional yet reflective of the vibrant colors of spring. White There?s no needContinue Reading

Despite the widespread budget cuts the county is experiencing, several new classes will be available for students to take next year, including International Baccalaureate (IB) Film Study and guitar class. The process by which new classes are added to the curriculum is relatively simple. Possible courses are presented to theContinue Reading

Maple Avenue Restaurant incorporates a wide array of foreign flavors into their contemporary American style of food. Additionally, the ingredients are organic and supplied by local providers. The menu at Maple Avenue is comprised of small plates, main plates and sweet plates (appetizers, main courses and desserts, respectively). One ofContinue Reading

From human rights and blood donations to recycling and feeding the homeless, Marshall?s variety of service clubs offer a wide selection of causes to join. “I think it?s nice to have so many options,” junior Rayn Eperemian, press secretary for the Amnesty International Club, said, “they are able to beContinue Reading

Chemistry teacher Matthew Kirk has been teaching for a little over three years; joining the Statesmen this fall. At West Springfield, his former high school, he taught Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors Chemistry; this year, his classes include Chemistry 1 and International Baccalaureate (IB) Chemistry. “I got my degree [in]Continue Reading

When the earthquake first hit Haiti, relief groups had no time to lose. They immediately began to collect money to help get Haiti back on its feet. Many national organizations offer quick and effortless opportunities to donate money to Haiti. For example, cell phone service providers allow people to sendContinue Reading