It is not just a flag. It is just another reminder that Marshall never belonged to us.  Marshall was a place where “n—r,” “f—t,” and “go back to where you came from” were unsurprising to hear in the seven minutes walking between classes. Marshall was a place where my peersContinue Reading

Our school prides itself on community. One of the “Statesmen Stars” stands for community. But, the frivolous regulation of the exchange of money within the school challenges our ability to sustain this so-called “community”. As an active member of the Marshall community, I have experienced countless instances of frustration withContinue Reading

It was like a movie. Like my life was some perfect story with the perfect family, faith, friends and social status. In reality, I didn’t have those things, and when my health went, so did most of my friends and parts of my family. Then, you would expect that afterContinue Reading

When the returning staff began planning Volume 55 of Rank & File, I made a point of embracing innovation. Last year, we proved ourselves capable of carrying on the legacy of the publication that our predecessors created. We managed to receive the distinction of crown finalist from the Columbia ScholasticContinue Reading