The new school year brings a new change for the freshman girl’s basketball team coaching staff. World History and Geography teacher Ashleigh Williams was selected to coach for the 2022-2023 season. She played basketball in college and has coached previously. “I played at Angelo State University in Texas before IContinue Reading

School-Based Technology Specialist Rachel Baxter brings a new perspective on inclusive learning with her passion for social justice. Baxter is used to misconceptions about her job, the most notable being the “Technology” part of her title. “I don’t think tech is always the answer,” Baxter said. “I think a lotContinue Reading

Teaching has always been new math teacher Mark Steinberg’s passion – but it wasn’t always his profession. Before his teaching career, Steinberg had been a reporter, editor and website programmer for various news outlets, worked in information technology development and even served as a project manager in Silicon Valley. HisContinue Reading

What were you doing before you came to Marshall? Grad school mostly, I had a plethora of different jobs when I got out of college. They inevitably led me to grad school, which inevitably led me here. What’s something no one here knows about you? I hate the mercator projectionContinue Reading

“Most people don’t know I am the oldest of seven kids.” “[I want] to travel overseas, I have never been outside of the continent, [so] somewhere in Europe maybe.” “I was living in Blacksburg, Virginia and I just finished my master’s degree in math education from Radford University.”  Continue Reading