When the clock struck 2:40 on Monday, May 9, over 300 students got up and walked out of the school. The students attended the Reproductive Freedom Walkout organized by Generation Ratify, a student-led movement for gender equality. Forty five Virginia schools, including Marshall, participated in the walkout. “We [were] leadingContinue Reading

Story by Rhea Newnaha and Becca Paz “There is no planet B.” “Stand up for what you stand on.” “Respect your mother.” These are some messages students paraded through Washington, D.C. during the 2022 global climate strike. On March 25, students from various schools in the DMV banned together inContinue Reading

This year, the month of Ramadan falls during prom season, causing conflict for some Muslim students. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, in which Muslims around the world fast from sunrise to sundown. “Prom falling on a day during Ramadan has been difficult to work around knowingContinue Reading

Beware the financial aid scams: pointers with Gardener Humphreys Financial aid scams are an ongoing issue in high schools, but risks rise during the spring when students are looking to apply to colleges. There are many options for financial aid, or money students can earn for college, but some canContinue Reading

Timothy Ghazzawi went from student to teacher to traveler, and two years ago returned with a new role as an English teacher. In 2008, Ghazzawi graduated from Marshall. Now, 14 years later, he’s helping students meet the same goal. “I went to Marshall as a student, so in a wayContinue Reading

Future Business Leaders of America members and IB Business students had the opportunity to learn about TopGolf as a business. “It was a lot of fun,” IB Business student and junior Preston Balisky said. “I really enjoyed getting to learn about how the business works.” Students first learned how TopGolfContinue Reading

In 2021, federal grants acknowledged the impacts of online school and pandemic-related stress on students by investing $85 million in mental health services in schools. The funds have allowed Marshall to pursue more mental health initiatives, including an assembly Wednesday featuring motivational speaker Anne Moss Rogers. Counselor Kathleen Sokolove assistedContinue Reading

In the past several weeks, gas prices locally and nationwide have continued to rise well above the previous averages. This rise in gas prices has caused students to have to adjust the way they get around For newly licensed sophomore Anna Musgrove, rising gas prices have limited her new freedomContinue Reading