The school year usually brings months of all work and no play, but for freshman Kate Butterworth, online school allowed for a more idyllic start to her first year at Marshall.  Butterworth said she traveled to Myrtle Beach in early September with a friend’s family. But, because the school yearContinue Reading

Marshall students who opt in to Superintendent Scott Brabrand’s return to school proposal, which was first presented on October 19th, will return to the building by February 1st. Rank & File analyzed the proposal on several key levels as it was presented by Dr. Brabrand as well as Principal LitzContinue Reading

Organizing a school play from start to finish is usually a tough job, but for stage manager and senior Aysha Berry, this year’s first online play brought new challenges for the crew. “Called Out” consists of the general premise wherein the actors, who receive their roles on the spot, areContinue Reading

Varsity field hockey player and sophomore Cayley Sullivan stands on the first set of hash marks, waiting to receive a hit. She misses the first one. It zooms past her to the end of the field. Another teammate is standing there working on her own hits. Normally, she’d put herContinue Reading

Taking the SAT is a significant part of the college admissions process. But, with no prior experience taking the PSAT in school, sophomore Meera Naik said she worries about her preparedness for the college-readiness exam. “Going into junior year and taking the SAT is a lot of stress and pressureContinue Reading

Senior Anthony Miroff’s first ballot will not be cast at a typical voting booth. This year, along with many other voters, Miroff will be mailing in his vote for this presidential race. “It’s both more convenient for me and can help in-person voting remain safe and quick for those whoContinue Reading