The end of the first semester of the school year is here, which entails teachers working diligently to get in grades, students using these final moments to improve theirs, and Marshall’s admin implementing grade-boosting opportunities like Saturday school, return, and learn. It seems that both the student body and manyContinue Reading

As young people in America it can be easy to believe we don’t have a voice. This is entirely inaccurate. By leaning into the idea that voting is useless, we open ourselves up to present—and future—harm. As of November 8, 2022, approximately 12% of the student population will be eligibleContinue Reading

It is inevitable that some athletes end up leaving their childhood sports as they get older. Some leave because of school, or disinterest, but more often than ever, it’s because of a bad coaching experience. Youth sports are becoming more and more competitive, meaning coaching isn’t all fun and games.Continue Reading

It was time: graduation. The 27 chords strung across my neck were swaying artfully and my smile was as bright as a midday sun. I knew this was the day I had waited for since I was two months old, crying out to my mama, “what’s dat famed paypa onContinue Reading

This is our school. We learn here, we live here, we create here and we grow here. This school was created for us—the students. Not for our parents. So why are they always prioritized? Last year, our principal committed to communicating directly with students. Below is a message Jeffrey LitzContinue Reading

A common narrative that is spread around Marshall’s community is that in the past few years big changes have been made, most seemingly negative. In my time here I’ve definitely been disgruntled and infuriated with many of the changes—and lack of changes—that have gone on during my time here. MyContinue Reading

Governor Glenn Youngkin of VA has revised new guidelines from the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE). These guidelines could kill trans students in Virginia. In fact, they will. I have been fighting for trans protections at Marshall High School and in Fairfax County Public Schools since my freshman year. ThatContinue Reading

There have been two school-wide walkouts this year, and while both have been in support of incredibly important issues, they have also been frustrating. During the Reproductive Freedom Walkout on May 9, students in the crowd were laughing and joking with friends. For those who were personally invested in theContinue Reading