There is nothing Christmassy about dashing through snow. Heck, I probably know more Mariah Carey songs than the average person. So why does the holiday spirit always show up in the shadows of a big Christmas tree? I acknowledge that the majority of this country celebrates Christmas, so naturally itContinue Reading

Virgil Dongre: Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy was elected to the position on Jan. 7, 2023. To get there, he had to make “lots of concessions” to far-right members of the party which “worked relentlessly to weaken the power he’ll have as speaker,” according to NPR. This seems likeContinue Reading

It’s 7:49 am on a Monday, and you’ve just woken up. Showering before school is not an option, but then you remember: it’s winter. You can throw on a hoodie or sweater and run out the door. Here lies the beauty and superiority of winter fashion. It’s cozy, cute and,Continue Reading

This writer doesn’t think so. But a new bill may allow some Virginia public schools to designate references to homosexuality in instructional materials as “sexually explicit content.” Senate Bill 656 was signed into Virginia law by Governor Youngkin on April 6, 2022, requiring Virginia public school boards to create policiesContinue Reading

The end of the first semester of the school year is here, which entails teachers working diligently to get in grades, students using these final moments to improve theirs, and Marshall’s admin implementing grade-boosting opportunities like Saturday school, return, and learn. It seems that both the student body and manyContinue Reading