There have been two school-wide walkouts this year, and while both have been in support of incredibly important issues, they have also been frustrating. During the Reproductive Freedom Walkout on May 9, students in the crowd were laughing and joking with friends. For those who were personally invested in theContinue Reading

Sports are known for being beneficial to one’s physical and mental well being. However, in the competitive environment which we reside in, this isn’t a reality. Not only are players competing against teams in their district, they’re competing against their teammates. Tryouts set up the environment for the rest ofContinue Reading

This issue is our seventh and second to last of the academic year. On a personal note, it will also be my final as Editor-in-Chief of Rank&File. I am proud of the progress this staff has made over the course of the year, but more so than that, excited forContinue Reading

From the time we chose courses for the 8th grade, many Marshall students will remember being strongly encouraged by our counselors to pursue an advanced diploma. One of the biggest obstacles, however, to graduating with the advanced diploma is the obsolete requirement to take foreign language. The Virginia General Assembly’sContinue Reading

Once upon a time, Marshall’s community slogan was Small School, Big Heart. Although our school may not be so small anymore, the importance of community remains. Community has been a major focal point of stories throughout the year, in issues like the conflicts between student groups and administrators, the discussionContinue Reading

School spirit is a goal which every group seems to strive for, from administration to student government to student groups like Marshall Mob. The Marshall Mob brings together students to make us a community, but a small handful of students have caused disruptions for administration and opposing teams. Last March,Continue Reading

On Feb. 24, Marshall was selected as a First Amendment Press Freedom Award winner for the first time. Marshall joins two other Fairfax County schools, McLean and Chantilly, among the 17 recipients nationally. Three FCPS schools winning this award out of 17 nationwide shows the strength of freedom of expressionContinue Reading

Ever since COVID-19 changed our lives, the morale around Marshall has been low. After last year’s football scandal, it fell even lower. But this school year was different; a ray of hope burst through the darkness with student turnout at football games and basketball games exemplifying togetherness as a MarshallContinue Reading

There are few childhood moments more sacred than waking up, refreshing a Twitter feed and running outside to build a snowman. But hold onto your hats, because snow days are under attack. The Virginia General Assembly passed legislation in early 2021 that allowed school districts to convert snow days intoContinue Reading

Glenn Youngkin defies state law for political points An executive order has to be worth more than the piece of paper it’s written on. Youngkin’s day-one executive order banning mask mandates ought to be thrown in the trash. It isn’t just reckless, it’s illegal. The General Assembly’s SB1303, written byContinue Reading