It was two days before the presentation, and I knew tomorrow I had work until the evening, Yvon had football practice, and Abby was embroiled in the logistics of a school-wide food drive. We decided to plan ahead and agreed to meet for Wednesday off hours. No warning given, noContinue Reading

The Social Studies department decided this year to remove the Historical Investigation, or HI, from the Government curriculum, tampering with hundreds of sophomores’ chances to practice writing a major essay in a more supervised setting. The HI aims to examine and compare varied perspectives on a historical topic the writerContinue Reading

Dress codes have changed significantly over the years, depending on the style of the time. According to The Atlantic, many schools in previous decades have banned go-go boots, or tops that reveal the shoulder, and repealed these regulations shortly after they pass out of vogue. The attentive observer will noticeContinue Reading

As an avid user of sites like YouTube and Twitch, ads are a nuisance that I have to deal with constantly. However, plug-ins like Adblock can fix this problem. This clears up the screen for what I’m looking for and not what a company is trying to sell, but AdblockContinue Reading

The structure of Virginia Standards of Learning exams forces counties to stress state-mandated testing in unhealthy ways. All classes in FCPS are required to partake in these tests at the end of the year until the necessary credits are verified, despite a multitude of valid exceptions. The Virginia Department ofContinue Reading